Environmental Concerns

The site is home to a wide variety of animals and plant life. In fact the study conducted for Prodrive showed the existence of bats, badgers and great crested newts, all of which are protected. There are also Muntjac Deer, Barn Owls and numerous other birds of significant interest (we have reports of Skylarks and Hen Harriers having been spotted).

The construction of R&D 1 phase will involve the significant felling of Scots Pine, Elm and Alder which all provide a natural habitat for the wildlife. Similarly R&D 2 would have an impact on Nunley Wood where again trees would be felled.

In terms of noise pollution, the track already causes local residents distress and impact on the enjoyment of living in such a rural location. Should the development go ahead, this can only increase during construction and beyond. Whilst it is claimed that no additional track use is possible, there is a growing tendency towards advertising track days and other commercially driven events. Despite there being restrictions on the type of vehicles used i.e. only road legal exhausts etc. one of the major causes of noise nuisance is the persistent squealing of tyres through hard cornering and severe braking. Having completed such events, those concerned seem to continue to drive in a similar manner when they rejoin the public, rural lanes nearby.

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