Traffic Concerns

One of the most concerning aspects of the proposals involves the impact on the areas road system. You'll have seen that the application involves the construction of a new island on Honiley Road that will form the new entrance into the site (the current entrance on Oldwich Lane is to close and be used as an emergency exit only).

However, although the proposed roundabout is purported to solve the problem of any significant increase in traffic through the villages' lanes, it is clear that most routes to the site will still use the "rat runs" through the rural villages as to use the new entrance would mean drivers travelling greater distances and journey times.

To see if such journeys would affect you, we have provide examples of the likely routes that traffic would take together with the routes that Fulcrum / Prodrive would, no doubt have you believe, would be taken.

Travelling from M42 J5 through Knowle

Travelling from M42 J6 / M6 / A45

Travelling from M5 / M42 / M40

Environmental Concerns

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Travelling from M42 J.4

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