What does the Planning Application involve?

Put simply, The Fulcrum Partnership want to develop the existing site to include:

  1. The creation of an area referred to as "R&D 1." This is a collection of industrial units that largely replaces the heavily wooded area to the left hand side of their existing entrance drive.

  2. The creation of R&D 2 the proposed "home" of a new British Formula 1 Grand Prix team.

  3. The formation of a new island in Honiley Road to form a new entrance into the site. And as a consequence the closure of the current entrance in Oldwich Lane East.

Needless to say such plans involve  large increase in workers (the Application details an increase from the current 200 to between 1000 and 1200), the need for additional car parking (1480 additional spaces). Such increases in traffic has led us to our concerns as detailed by clicking on the button to the left.

For far more details, click HERE. This will take you directly to Warwick District Council's Planning website. On there you can find a variety of downloadable information concerning the Fulcrum Project.

To view The Fulcrum Partnership's Planning Statement, click HERE (this will open a pdf file - you will need Adobe Reader to view this file, if you do not have Adobe Reader, click HERE to download and install first).


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