Who or what is FPAG?

The Fulcrum Prodrive Action Group (FPAG) is a collection of local residents whose concerns were raised upon receipt of The Fulcrum Partnership's Planning Proposals for their Honiley airfield site on Oldwich Lane in Fen End.

You should understand that we are not a collection of people that resist change and simply object to anything and everything. The members are made up from a diverse group of people with a common interest to protect both the rural nature of the community and the safety of the residents that live in the wide area that would be potentially affected.

We are generally in favour of promoting and improving the area; boosting the economy and providing jobs. Indeed some of our members come from the business community and understand the commercial marketplace. But the benefits of any such proposals cannot be simply commercially driven, they must address any detrimental affects and these need to be publicly appreciated. And it is this that the Group is committed to achieving.

What are our concerns?

We have concerns that relate to all environmental aspects. These include traffic, wildlife, ecological, noise, visual etc.

As our study and detailed response to the Planning Application progresses we will be adding detailed information on this website that can be accessed by clicking on the relevant buttons below.

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Environmental Concerns

Traffic Concerns

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