Welcome to the Fulcrum Prodrive Action Group's website!

This site is dedicated to providing information about the Group's objections and concerns in connection with The Fulcrum Partnership's Planning Proposals for the development of the Prodrive site at Fen End (the old Honiley Airfield).

You may not necessarily live in the immediately adjacent area, but in our opinion the impact the development will have will be on a much wider area.

The purpose of this site is to provide:

  1. Information about the Action Group.

  2. Details of the Planning Application.

  3. Information as to the Group's objections & concerns in connection with the Planning Proposals. Click on the relevant button to the left for further information.

What can YOU do to help?

If you agree with all or some of our concerns, you should make your feelings known to the Planning Officer. To make this task a little easier for you, we have provided a Press Release that outlines our broad concerns that may provide you with some guidance. (This you can view or download by clicking on the Word icon below).

To contact the Planning Officer you can write or e-mail (you must quote ref: W06/0309 on any correspondences) the contact details are as follows:

To write,

Steven Wallsgrove

Warwick District Council

Riverside House

Milverton Hill

Royal Leamington Spa

CV32 5HZ

Alternatively, e-mail your concerns to:


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